Monday, July 30, 2007

Part Three of - Ditchwater & Cook Smoke

todays update is the 3rd part of Ditchwater & Cook Smoke. This makes the entire manuscript included here. Feel free to make comments and to let me know what you think of the work. Thanks for dropping by and visiting.

A Thousand Points of Light
…that's why you need an imagination
to make poetry die of starvation…
Gu Cheng

…poems of praise should not be so damn noisy…
Gu Cheng

Midnight, 3/12/07

A thousand points of light
snap shut
the dark blue
like a window shade
drawn on ten thousand
or a thousand mosques

The sea of people
is all colors
six billion currents

and below
electric blood flows

The Garden

He remembered
what is left
of the garden
a little stream
a fountain
small mountains
of mole hills
made out of loam
some stems
sprouting blossoms
vegetables flowers
snails and dung
blue stones
red and yellow fish

the beauty of age

Summer, The Oval Office

A woman with long legs
and ten men without
arms or ears
three children
smiling at the cameras
ten men
in wheelchairs
and ten with ties
gathered here
and there
by the window
looking out at the rose garden
air-conditioner on high
logs burning in the fireplace

Fishing for Gold

Looking for money
looking for cash
a checkbook
credit card
lost like fish
in the sea

At the bottom
at the bottom
of the pocket

Fish for gold
an even trade

Girls Who Kiss

Girls who kiss
with their eyes
open wide
never know
the dark
tears on the coat
a handkerchief
wet with salt

They don't even know
the blinding light
will tear
their hearts

Heaven and Earth

Your eyes look small
and you wince
as I say
We were right to shift the moon
and raze the sun

Only light can burn us

The stars
lower their gaze
the fog lifts

We are completely
alone in the dark
the whole earth


Elegant as slender fingers
she's a little shy
when it comes
to boys
but perfectly
in mind and body
she squirms
a little
in her chair
when her mother

The Window

The distance opens
to the sea
the boat-
moon glistens

Near the headlands
abalone poachers listen
for the sound of craft
as the poet
looking from the hill
beyond the sea
listens to the roar
of surf on sand
the sea caves sucking
in his breath

The Price of Good Medicine

My fish is sick
I take it
to the hospital
where the nurse laughs
and says
Don't be concerned
he'll live

I take him
to the movies
to see
if he will laugh

The ticket seller says
a quarter for kids
and a nickel for the fish

The Bracelet

I take my pigeon
with a bracelet
for a leash
and people laugh

The pigeon squawks
flies up
and shits on them

I laugh
and write a poem

My pigeon struts
thinks he's smart
He is

Letting Go

One night
three evenings
all day long
something happens
I don't know about

I eat fish
drink coffee
and sit

The doorbell rings
I don't answer
someone calls
I let it go


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